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If you need a tree surgeon in or around the West Wickham area – Evergreen Tree Services is at your service. We offer a wide variety of services which include the following:

Tree removal

We always undertake tree removal in a skilled and controlled manner, while making every effort to minimise disruption to either our clients or the public in and around West Wickham. We plan everything in minute detail including the way in each tree is cut to ensure the safety of everybody concerned.

Tree pruning and reduction

There are a number of different types of tree pruning. You can thin the crown by the selective removal of branches throughout the trees crown, it allows light to filter through the canopy, without affecting the trees natural shape.

Crown reduction involves reducing the dimensions of the overall canopy, leaving a balanced shape that is pleasing to the eye. Crown lifting involves removing the lower branches of a tree to ensure people and vehicles can pass safely underneath.

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Stump grinding

Tree removal leaves a stump in the ground which you may also want us to remove. We will ask you whether you would like the stump removed before we do so. Many of our clients in and around West Wickham wish to re-turf or grow plants in the area and often make use of our stump grinding service as a result.

We remove your stump using a tree grinder. We have two machines of different widths, the smallest of which allows us to access rear gardens, if necessary.

Hedge trimming

Hedges can be difficult to maintain. If your hedge has been neglected for a while and you need to make it manageable again, or you need us to undertake regular maintenance work, please get in touch.

We offer an annual maintenance service to keep your hedges in uniform condition throughout the year. Upon completion, we remove all trimmings from site, leaving your garden neat and tidy.

If you live or work in West Wickham or any of its surrounding areas and you need a tree surgeon, please call Evergreen Tree Services on 07956 531 785 or 0208 777 4702.

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