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Specialist Tree Surgery in Sanderstead

Evergreen Tree Services operate out of West Wickham, providing tree surgery services throughout South London and the South East. Sanderstead is one of many areas where our tree removal, stump grinding and crown reduction services are in demand. If you need a tree surgeon for work at your Sanderstead   property, call us now on 07956 531 785 or  0208 777 4702 and we will provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

Tree surgery requires many different skills and our own arborists are trained to NPTC standards as a minimum requirement. Every tree surgeon working on behalf of our company in Sanderstead is conversant with the following services:

Tree Removal in Sanderstead

Anybody who has watched footage of a tree surgeon at work will automatically think of directional felling when the subject of tree removal comes up. While this is a practice that we use on land in Sanderstead where there is no risk of damage to other trees, plants and properties, some of the jobs we encounter are in built-up areas.

When we are working on projects of this kind, sectional dismantling is used as a safer form of tree removal. Limbs are cut from the top downwards and lowered to the ground under controlled movement with ropes and slings. This tree removal procedure provides a safe solution for Sanderstead landowners and for members of the General Public.

Crown Thinning and Reduction

Two of the most common tree surgery practices we use in Sanderstead are crown thinning and crown reduction. With crown thinning, a tree surgeon removes a proportion of the canopy to provide extra growing space for new limbs and also for trees surrounding the one being worked on. Surrounding plants benefit from added light flow.

Crown reduction sees the full canopy reduced by removing branch ends and creating a smaller, balanced and more refined tree that is true to its species. These tree surgery practices are often used when we undertake large-scale forestry work, although we can just as easily thin or reduce individual trees at domestic properties in Sanderstead.

Stump Grinding

Following any tree removal project in Sanderstead, be it a direction felling or a sectional dismantling job, a proportion of the stump will remain. As a stump decomposes, bacteria can build and start to affect otherwise healthy trees. Like any reputable tree surgeon, we provide stump grinding as an integral service after any tree removal project.

This form of tree surgery uses specialist stump grinding machinery to take remnants down to sub-ground level. Over time, the remaining stump and roots reduce to mulch and this can be used at properties in and around Sanderstead for gardening and landscaping work.

To discuss tree surgery services with a qualified NPTC tree surgeon covering Sanderstead, call us now on 07956 531 785 or 0208 777 4702.

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