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If you own trees, you have a duty of care to ensure that they are in a safe and healthy condition. Indeed, your trees must not pose a health hazard to property or persons in the vicinity of your home or business in or around West Wickham. To maintain the health of your trees, you will almost certainly need the services of a well-trained and highly competent tree surgeon (or arborist) at some point in the future.

Anyone can claim to be a tree surgeon, but having the skills to do the job properly requires a lot more than just a certificate and a chainsaw. The health of your trees depends on receiving the attention of a professional tree surgeon who understands their biology and how they respond to treatment.

A poor standard of pruning may cause damage to the tree for the rest of its life; and can even reduce its life span. If you live or work in or near our base in West Wickham, you should know that our technical skill, extensive training and experience gives us what you need to take the proper care of your trees and property.

qualifications in tree surgery

You will find a selection of our qualifications and insurance policies below:

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