Tree Surgery in Elmstead Wood

Professional Tree Surgery in Elmstead Wood

If you have a tree in your garden that has grown to be too big for the space it’s in or is likely to fall over in high winds or heavy snow, you may need tree surgery.

Elmstead Wood is an area that has lots of old trees, many with branches that grow close together and pose a risk of falling or being damaged by high winds.

If you have trees at risk of falling on your house or another property, please contact the professionals at Evergreen Tree Services as soon as possible.

What is Tree Surgery?

Tree surgery, or arboriculture, is the professional care and maintenance of trees. Moreover, tree surgery can include tree felling, pruning, stump removal and hedge trimming—all of which we provide at Evergreen Tree Services.

How Can You Tell if Your Tree Is at Risk?

If you want to know if your tree is at risk, there are a few things that you can look for. Firstly, you should always be watching for signs of disease and damage in your trees. If you notice that there are lots of insects or small worms around your tree, it may be infected, and you should call us as soon as possible.

You should also be watching for broken or bent branches or limbs that grow so close to each other that they risk rubbing together and damaging each other. If your tree is too small to support itself and the branches are growing out over your roof or on the path to your front door, then you will need to have them removed.

Our Services

Our tree surgeons specialise in arboriculture services to meet your every need, including:

Tree Pruning and Reduction: We take great care in pruning and reducing branches and limbs to ensure the safe and healthy growth of your trees.
Tree Felling and Removal: Sometimes, trees must be removed for safety reasons. We carefully plan out every removal job for the highest standard of service and care.
Stump Removal: After trees are cut down, they leave behind unsightly stumps. Our team expertly removes stumps and reseeds the ground afterward for a seamless appearance.
Hedge Trimming and Cutting: Hedges are notorious for getting out of control in no time at all. Let our team keep your hedges looking neat and tidy.

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Tree Surgery Elmstead Wood

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