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Professional Tree Surgery in Beckenham

Evergreen Tree Services was established in 1993 by Peter Rowland, an expert tree surgeon residing near Beckenham. We have all of the experience and skills necessary to undertake a wide variety of tree surgery operations.

Each and every one of our tree surgeons (arborists) is qualified to at least NPTC standards. Our projects in and around Beckenham comply with British Standards for tree work at every stage, whether we are undertaking tree removal, stump grinding, root removal or tree pruning .

Tree Removal in Beckenham

Methods of tree removal could involve using felling wedges, levers, or a rope in the case of more experienced tree fellers. Which method we use depends on the size and scale of the job at hand. Please get in touch for more information.

Tree Pruning in Beckenham

Tree pruning may be needed for a number of different reasons. You may wish to remove storm damaged or diseased branches. You may wish to promote new growth and better air circulation by thining the crown and thereby reducing the height of your tree. Additionally, you may wish to prune your tree in order to shape a tree for design purposes.

Stump Grinding in Beckenham

If you seek a tree removal on your Beckenham property, please let us know whether you want us to remove the stump of your tree. Stumps can be unsightly, as well as taking up valuable gardening space, in some cases they can even be hazardous.

We consider it good practice to remove the stump when in a garden, as it prevents suckers being produced from the stump, as well as the use of herbicide, which is harmful to the environment. Removing the stump can also prevent the spread of disease in surrounding vegetation.

Stump grinders are operated by powering a heavy wheel complete with sets of ‘teeth’. These teeth grind the  wood away gradually until there is no longer anything left of the stump in question.

If you want a tree surgeon of the highest order in or near Beckenham, please call Evergreen Tree Services on 07956 531 785 or 0208 777 4702 now.

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